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The Lion King Musical London Tickets

The Lion King musical is based on the animated feature film of the same name by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1984. The musical dwells on the upbringing of the main character Simba and the betrayal of his uncle Scar to bring down Simba's father Mufasa's kingship. It encapsulates the tragic beginnings of Simba and how he reaches the honors of leadership, through the eloquence of music. The Musical follows the tough choices that Simba must face to bring down the usurper Lion King and restore peace and order to his father's kingdom. The musical is set in the grasslands of the Lion's kingdom, where Simba is still a cub, wandering around the valley and following his father and mother around the land, playing in the fields with his friends. Until one-day fate bestows a tragedy upon him, and he witnesses his Uncle's betrayal that leads to his father's (the Lion King's) demise. Simba not being able to bear such loss in his childhood leaves the valley and sets in the outskirts. Until one day he is called back to his destiny, to reclaim the honor of his father and rule his people and be the one true Lion King.

Disney's Lion King is the impressive and moving story of Simba. It contains the marathon bet of his journey from the kid to an ordained character like King of the Prideland. Book tickets to Broadway The Lion King now.

Reaching Lyceum Theatre

Nearest station: Charing Cross

Nearest bus stop: (Strand) 4, 9, 15, 26, 76, 91, 139, 176, 341; (Aldwych) RV1, X68, 1, 6, 11, 13, 23, 59, 68, 87, 168, 171, 172, 188, 243

Parking: Drury Lane, Parker Street (10mins)

Nearest night bus: (Strand) 139, 176, 341, N9, N15, N21, N44, N76, N9; (Aldwych) 6, 23, 188, 243, N1, N11, N13, N26, N47, N68, N87, N89, N155, N171, N551

Direction to Lyceum Theatre

The Lion King FAQs

What is the price of The Lion King Musical London tickets?
Price of The Lion King Musical in London varies based on demand, time of the year and seat types however the minimum starting price of the tickets is £20. One can by The Lion King tickets by visiting without getting into any hassle.

What are Lion King musical age restrictions?
Children under the age of 3 are not allowed an entry inside theatre however general recommendations are for the age of 6 and above. Children between the age of 3 and 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Facilities at the arena:

Air conditioning:


Toilets for the disabled

Infrared loop system for hearing aids


Wheelchair accessible

Performance Time: 2h 30minuter

Age limits: 12+

The show begins: 24:e Feb 2018

Booking until: 2022-10-02